Welcome to Ambush Valorant

Welcome to Ambush Valorant

Today we are happy to reveal our new Valorant roster and welcome five new players to the Ambush family!

Valorant roster:

Hemen “frenzy” Nawros

Nicolaj “mupzgxD” Djurhus

Daniel “dst” Størup

Alexander “alexpalex” Kobberø

Oliver “JessenOJ” Jessen

About the roser

Formerly playing under the Danish organisation, Obsidian for a short while, we saw the possibility to pick up this roster, playing in the very top of the global Valorant scene. We are sure we can contribute to the growth and development of the roster, and the players as individuals, under the care of the Ambush family. Non-official rankings show the team being #23 in the world, and we cant wait, for the official rankings to show up. One thing is for sure for this full Danish line-up – We are the best in the country!

Zouheir, our CEO adds:

I’m happy to welcome the team to our growing family, and I’m confident that they will be able to climb the  leaderboards together with us. I’m looking forward to see the team in action soon,  when they play their first official matches under our flag.

Asked, why the roster chose to sign with Ambush and what the goals for the roster are – DST answered:

Ever since we announced our active search for a new “home” there have been quite some interest. Ambush were among these and after a thorough talk with management we instantly felt that our alignment right now and growth plans were a perfect fit. We are confident that we can mutually support each other in this journey. Our goal is simple, to be a top contender. However, we know the path to our goal is way more complicated and it requires a lot of hard work and that’s exactly what we intent to do and why we chose Ambush.


We are confident the team will be a big success.


Follow our team on our twitter, and watch our for the official matches – www.twitter.com/ambush_gg



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