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Welcome to Ambush Female


Today we welcome a new lineup in our female section of Ambush. We have signed the european female team Why Lizards, Why???

The team consists of five experienced players from all over Europe, where the majority of them have both on- and offline games on their resumé .

The new lineup for Ambush Female will be participating in online leagues such as Women Open by König Consulting, Women Esport League and ESL Female Open and ESEA Open and miscellaneous qualifiers. If Copenhagen Games is held in 2021, the goal is clear they are going and aiming for a top 4 spot in the competition. What is missing…? AMBUSH FEMALE CUPS – The team is going to be a natural part of the Ambush Female Cups, where we must qualify to the main event

Zouheir, CEO, Ambush Esport

Today is a happy day. We are excited to sign this talented squad, who have the potential to develop together with us. We are still new on the Female CS:GO scene, and under a learning process, so it is important for us with a team we can grow together with. And a team who wants to feel as a part of the Ambush Family, rather than just play for Ambush. That has been an essential factor for us, and me. Personally, I am already fond of the down to earth personality of each and every team member, and it has been another important factor; that the chemistry is as good, as it already is. I am sure the team is going to live up to the goals we have put.

We took a short chat with M4GGAN that is IGL for the team:

I am really exited to join Ambush together with my girls. In such a short period of time we already delivered some good results and i can´t wait to see what we can accomplish together with the Ambush family behind us.

Wois adds, with a very confident voice:

It feels so awesome to be back home! All the players are insane in every aspect and I’m eager to see what happens when we put all that skill together with the help of Ambush.

So welcome to the new team, we hope you will like it here! #ItsAnAmbush

The new Ambush Female roster is:

  • Johanna “M4GGAN” Johannson – IGL
  • Adriana “yuN” Barbosa – Lurker/support
  • Hanna “Wois” Vanhanen – AWP
  • Ann-Christin “anNbelievable” Wegener – Entry
  • Ine “Ari” Meling – Support/Rifle
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