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Champions of the FEL 2020

After our amazing victory in the FEL playoffs, where we didn’t lose, a single map – Ambush R6 can call our selves Champions. and what a way to go on a Christmas holiday, before the important preparation for the Nordic Championchips by Ubisoft.

And for that occasion, the Finnish media Soumi Esports grabbed our coach Ub3ros, for an interview. And here is the result:


The third season of FEL R6 League kicked off on the third of november. The Prizepool was 2 500 euros, and Ubisofts Official Finnish Championship was also on the line. The Championship was taken home by Ambush Esports, and we interviewed the teams coach, young 22-year old Juuso “Ub3ros” Miettinen.


What brought Juuso to the gaming world, and where did it all begin?

My gaming hobby began when I was very young, I was around four years old when I remember playing NHL 2002 and Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 on my fathers computer. Soon after that I got a PS2, and spent many carefree years playing on it.

How and why did you end up with Rainbow Six Siege, and more specifically as a coach? How much does it take from a player to reach the finnish championship level, and how long of a journey is it to reach the top of Europe, or the World?

I got on Rainbow Six Siege in the year 2016, when my friends from a game called Warframe suggested it for me. I was already following the competitice scene as a casual spectator. In 2017 I started playing competitively in small online leagues and tournaments, and my career as a player lasted till 2020. Then in February I stepped aside from an active player role and began coaching. The strategic side of the game has always been more appealing to me than the pure mechanical aspects, so the transition was quite natural.


The journey to the Finnish Championship gets tougher every year, and this time around i think the FEL R6 League was more competitive than ever before.  There were no walkover teams anymore, and even the teams that finished last played really close games against the top 4. On our end the year leading up to the title has been filled with persistent and hard work to improve our own game. We aim to train 5-6 times a week, and that includes scrimmage, startwork and game analysis among other shared activities. On top that, each member of the team practices individually almost daily. Next up for us is Europe, and we are attending the next years Nordic Championship. The top of the world is still some ways away, but we are prepared to battle on the European Nationals level.

Congratulations on the R6S Championship, is the team officially part of the danish Ambush Esports organisation? And what is @theomnination? Is it the same team as Sixth Pick? 

Thank you! We are officially part of Ambush, we got in to an agreement just before the FEL Playoffs, and we will be representing them in the Nordic Championships next year. Omni Nation is an organisation that the teams old roster played under in 2019.  Sixth Pick was a name we used throughout 2020 while looking for organisation.


What does the Danish organisation bring, and will you be working with them in 2021?, In regards to is your R6 team Finnish?

Ambush brings our team some structure and helps us focus on the parts that matter. With the leagues growing and getting more official, it is usually easier and sometimes even necessary to have an organisation working with the team. This is especially beneficial with financial and juridicial matters, where a private person would have to shoulder a sizeable responsibility with various licensing agreements, and would potentially be disadvantaged in disputes. When playing under an organisation, we can play without such worries and get support and tools to improve on our workflow.  As mentioned before, we will be playing under Ambush at least through the Nordic Championships, and after that we will see about the future. Our roster itself is fully Finnish.


What would it take, and would you be interested in working at a pro level, and when in the future do you see a finnish team at that level?

I’d be interested to compete at that level, but it takes a huge deal of work to reach. So far the resources available won’t allow for me to do this fulltime, but maybe one beautiful day I can. A fully finnish team won’t be seen at the highest tier until 2022 at the earliest. I believe there are enough skilled players in Finland to make it possible, but so far noone has found the right magical combination of players since the times of the old GiFu/Ence roster.


What’s the origin of the name Ub3ros?

Ub3ros comes from a long time ago, when during the PS2 years I used to play a skiing game called SSX 3. The game had those over-the-top tricks, that were called “Super”, “Uber” and ”Super Uber” Tricks. The german word ”uber” was so cool in my opinion, that I made it into my gamertag. And of course I had to replace the “e” with a 3, it wouldn’t be a gamertag otherwise, right?


How do you see gaming? Is it a hobby, profession or a potential future career?

So far gaming is a hobby for me. Albeit a hobby that takes away most of my freetime, but a hobby still. I am a fulltime university student, and for as long as I can’t pay the bills with gaming, it stays as a hobby. If I get a chance to make it my profession, I’ll take it, but first i’ve got my studies to take care of. It’s good to have a plan B, and who knows, maybe those studies are beneficial in the esports world after the competitive career is over.


How do you see the finnish esports field? What developments would you wish for, what would you do differently?

The finnish esports field is doing well all things considered, and it’s been great to see the domestic developments over the last years. On the R6 side of things I’d like to see the finnish organisations be more active, as their support would elevate a lot of the teams to the next level and help the players progress as competitors. 


Which finnish player/coach has been your “idol”, or do you have one?

My finnish idol has always been Bounssi from GiFu/Ence, who retired from competing this year. As a player I often had similiar roles to play, and I followed Bounssi and GiFu even before playing myself. Bounssis ability to perform under pressure in clutch situations made a lasting impression on me. 


Who would you like to see us interview?

I would like to see an interview of finnish Julius “Mayne” Ylänne, who is the Esports Manager of G2, and used to work as their R6 team manager.

And since Miettinen asked for it, we accept the challenge and will attempt to arrange an interview with Mr. Ylänne.



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