Ambush Female Winter Cup

Ambush Female Winter Cup


Last time we saw excellent players and games in our Ambush Female Autumn Cup and now we are gladly announcing our Winter Cup! It will be in collaboration with our strong partners, Esportal and Zowie By BenQ. The tournament is the third event of our seasonal tournament concept: Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring!

We have 3 qualifiers coming up on the following weekends. Registrate in Esportal and create yourself a team in order to participate in the tournament. Registration is already open for all three qualifiers!


Prize pool in the tournament is €1.500

All Female teams in Europe are eligible to participate in the tournament.



Qualifier #1 Sunday, 7 February

Qualifier #2 Sunday, 14 February

Qualifier #3 Saturday, 20 February


Each Qualifier will begin at 15:00CET. Registration for each qualifier will close 1 hour before the matches are supposed to start. Check-in time starts after the registration is closed.


Main event will be played on Sat 27th, with the playoffs Sun 28th February. 



How will the qualifiers be played?

There are 32 spots in each qualifier. 1st, 2nd and 3rd from each qualifier will advance directly to the main event. 3rd and 4th places will be determined on the round difference. In case there is a tie in the round difference the 3rd and 4th will play against each other. As there are uneven amounts of teams getting through the qualifiers the 10th team will be chosen by the Jury. The selection of the last team will be between the teams that were placed 4th in all three qualifiers.

What happens in the main event?

We are inviting 6 teams straight to the main event. The invited teams will be announced during the incoming week. In total there will be 16 teams (10 from the qualifiers) competing in the main event. Saturday 27th will be played on the Swiss tournament system, the teams are divided into 4 groups and every match will be BO1s. 8 teams will advance to Sunday’s (28th) finals. The Semi-finals and Final will be BO3.

Prize pool in the finals 27/02-28/02

1st prize: 1000 EUR

2nd prize: 500 EUR

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