Ambush Female Winter Cup – Status after week two

We have enjoyed amazing tactics and games during the past two qualifiers in the Female Winter Cup! All the ladies have shown their skills and the best ones have earned an entry to the main event. 

The winner of two previous Female Cups commented this tournament:

“Very excited for a new edition of Ambush cups. It’s always nice to have a female event, which we barely have nowadays. And Ambush are one of these few organisations who provide this opportunity for us, for which we are very grateful. We are aiming only for the victory and hopefully would get it this time as well!”  – Vilga

We still have one more upcoming qualifier, a chance for three more teams to enter the main event and reach for the glory and of course the grand prize. But also don’t forget that the teams who got the 4th place in all three qualifiers have an extra chance to get into the main event by jury’s decision!



Qualifier #3, Saturday 20.2

Main event is played on 27.2-28.2.


What happened in the second week?

We have earlier invited six skilled teams straight into our main event and we got three teams joining them from the first week. The teams were Ambush Female, Galaxy Racers Fe, IzakoBoars Fe, NoFear5, Project C, Copenhagen Flames Fe, GTZ Bulls, Pride and ItzaPizza.

After the second week of qualifiers we are delighted to welcome Team Saiprah, 0 hrs in 2 weeks and High Coast Female to join us at the main event.

What happens next week?

The third qualifier will take place on Saturday 20.2 and this will be the last time the teams are able to compete for a spot at the main event. So be sure not to miss this opportunity!

Join us at!

Several other organizations will be also streaming their own games so be sure to check them out too! You can also easily access some of the streams at as their live website is on for these qualifiers!


Keep Cool until next time!


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