Ambush Female Winter Cup – Status after final qualification

Our qualifiers were so entertaining to follow and full of excitement! We saw some amazing teams fall short and some teams surprising with well rehearsed tactics. But now, it is time to dive into the real business, the Main Event! Where the teams are facing once more to compete for the prize and glory. Are the teams up to challenge Galaxy Racers, the two time winner of the Ambush Female cups?

We still have one more team joining us at the main event. This team has shown real dedication, willingness and good spirit throughout all the qualifiers. Overall our jury was really impressed by their commitment. Desiring to know who they are? Keep an eye on our social media. The groups will be also announced later this week.



Main event 27/2-28/2

Saturday 27.2

Groups A and B start playing at 14:00 CET. Gatherings will be made not later than 13:30CET, VETOs must start at 13:45 CET.

Groups C and D start at 15:00 CET. Gatherings will be made not later than 14:30CET, VETOs must start at 14:45 CET.

Check-in will be on Discord one hour before first match.

Sunday 28.2

Sunday’s matches will start at 14:00CET. The VETOs have to start at the latest of 13:40 CET.


The starting time for each day is 14:00 CET or 15:00 CET and it does not mean that the teams will join the server at that time. It is mandatory for the teams to join the server before the scheduled starting time. The time slot for the matches to start is maximum of +-5 minutes.


What happened in the third week?

We have earlier invited six astonishing teams straight into our main event. We got six teams joining them from the first and second week. The teams are Ambush Female, Galaxy Racers, IzakoBoars, NoFear5, Project C, Copenhagen Flames, GTZ Bulls, Pride, ItzaPizza, Team Saiprah, Team DeftFox and High Coast Female.

From the last qualifier we are thrilled to welcome Fragbox Gaming, Arcane Wave and ThunderFlash to join us at the main event!



How will the main event be played?

There will be 16 teams in total competing in the main event. Group stage on Saturday 27th will be played on the Swiss tournament system. The teams are divided into 4 groups (A-D) and every match in the group will be BO1s. The away team will create a gathering in the Esportal for the match to begin. The away team is decided randomly and it will be the team on the right side. Two best teams of each group will advance to Sunday’s finals, which is in total of 8 teams.

On Sunday the semi-finals and the final are played as BO3s on a single elimination bracket. The bracket is made based on the performance on the group stage. The best of the best will win.

We are done with the qualifiers, next stop the Main Event!

The rules of the main event will be found in the official Ambush Cup Discord, in the faq channel. Note that using the official Ambush Winter Cup Discord server is not mandatory during the event. The Discord still remains as the main information channel and the teams will have to be ready to join there if requested.

Prize pool in the finals 27/02-28/02

1st prize: 1000 EUR

2nd prize: 500 EUR


Keep Cool until next time


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