Welcome to our new roster for Ambush CS:GO

We are happy and proud to be back on the international Counter-Strike scene with the signing of our new roster.

First of all, we are happy about being back with an internationally competitive roster.

Gnøffe have been acquired from the Astralis Talent team and have already been in the top 15 in Denmark last year, when he played for the danish team OPAA where he reached top80 on HLTV, before Astralis Talent bought him. Maze is also a young player and have several games on record for Ambush 2020, where he acted as standin in HLTV and ESEA matches. The third member is milky that have a past in the Bulgarian team FATE and along with him is Rock1nG who also have a past in FATE, but is probably most known for his time in Outlaws and SKADE, where he peaked with Outlaws at #30 on HLTV rankings. Last but not least we have kolty who played the swedish elitseries with his past team where he played for 8 months in. Also got some HLTV games in his profile and advanced experience.

The team captain, Maze expresses:

I’ve been working with international players for some time now, and I really see a big potential in this team. We have both the experience, the talent and the grind mentality on this roster to go the distance. Together with Ambush, I believe we can achieve our goals and we are really excited about the opportunities that our cooperation will bring. Our work has just started, and it’s time to focus now. We have some long hours ahead of us and a lot to get done, so it’s time to start grinding.

A lot of long hours is also what has been spend the past couple of month, in recruitment watching a lot of CS and a lot of players, to figure out who to sign…

Zouheir, CEO continues:

We had many opportunities to sign, both Danish and international rosters, and we got far in the dialogues with a number of teams. At the same time, the dialogue with Maze was ongoing, and I could feel how much he was passionate about his future, and I could see his vision, and especially sense his leadership. It also appealed to me beyond that, it was also the ownership he wanted to take with this project, where it is more than just playing for an organization, it’s also about developing the project with Ambush, and it was just the type of players I value. I and we are looking forward to building this together as one united team.

What’s also inspiring to us is having a unique mix of all aspects of what makes a good team. A great leader in Maze, great talented players in Gnøffe and K0lty, and experience from the T2 scene in Rock1nG and milky, who have played a huge amount of important games and know when to keep their heads cool.

Welcome to the family, team.

  • 🇩🇰Maze
  • 🇩🇰Gnøffe
  • 🇧🇬milky
  • 🇧🇬Rock1nG
  • 🇸🇪k0lty


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