NETGEAR as partner for our new Rainbow 6 roster


We are happy to announce NETGEAR as our new Rainbow 6 partner, and the changes in our roster.

We are honored and exited about partnering up with a brand like NETGEAR and their Nighthawk Pro Series of products, to bring our gaming to the next level. With NETGEAR, and their trust in our team, alongside the supply of the amazing routers for our players, not only brings our players next level technology, but also gives us the edge that is important in professional gaming. We are also amazingly happy about the fact that we are prolonging with our R6 roster from last season, who has become a part of the ambush family that we do not want to be without - Zouheir Chreih, CEO Ambush

For those who have been following Ambush R6, you can recognize some of the same faces, and we had Junnika answer some questions:

  Why did the team decide to prolong the contracts?

We have been with Ambush for almost a year now, and we can call it our home. The org provides us the support we need to succeed, and we really enjoy the collaboration with Ambush. With us finishing 2nd in the Nordic Championship 2021, we felt like we have some unfinished business we want to finish with Ambush.

What changes are make?

Before the end of Nordic Championship 2021, we already knew Roadi would step down from starting lineup. After the season, we felt like we couldn't achieve what we wanted with the current lineup so we ended up parting ways with Fxzhy. With the core roster of Junnika, Kyliys, Diffele we were in need of two players who could shoot. After long search for either foreign or Finnish players, we ended up with two Finnish players: NNN1CK and Raastin who would cover the two missing spots. Just like last roster, this roster is also fully Finnish. Regardless of Roadi stepping down from starting lineup, he will stay with us as a coach. He has a lot of knowledge with the tactical aspect of the game and will keep bringing important leadership in the team.
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