The Partners

Pizza is the most popular fast food in Denmark, but at the same time you feel that many pizzerias are under pressure. Our vision is to run a healthy business where all parties involved are happy and excited about what we do. We strive to create a win-win-win situation that involves all parties.

Joma, the Spanish sports brand has been rated as the third most important brand in world football, representedin  the top 20 leagues.

Ambush Esport is proud to be the first esports organisation, signing a sponsor contract with Joma.

As part of Denmark’s largest supplier of profile and sportswear, we can deliver virtually everything in clothing. At the same time, we carry all the well-known branded products in a very wide range of staff gifts, promotional gifts, giveaways, props and training accessories.

 G4ME TIME Esports center, in Copenhagen is our home turf, and our Boot Camp location. G4ME TIME is one of the largest Esports centres in Scandinavia, with high-end equipment and a lot of VIP facilities. Ambush Esport and G4ME TIME cooperate on many levels. Lets have a GRE4T TIME

MEDIA PARTNER is an on-line lifestyle magazine, for men., hosts an esports section, driven by Ambush Esport, and there you will find the latest news from Ambush Esport, along with general news from the Danish esports scene.


Dinero is an accounting program for small and medium-sized businesses. Send invoices, offers and post your attachments quickly and easily – Create a free account already today!


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Simply Cooking is a high standard Danish catering company, where quality is the key word. Simply Cooking will provide all our players with food for their mind, body and soul, and ensure that they have the energy it takes to compete at high level.



.Bonis is a forward thinking multidisciplinary creative studio and design consultancy .

.Bonis handles  the frontend and website designs for Ambush Esport Denmark.




EMASTERS is Denmark’s new tournament platform with primary focus on CS:GO. The goal of the platform is to create a gathering point for the national scene, where weekly tournaments with attractive prizes are held on a weekly basis.


Lyngby BK in the Danish Superliga, is our FIFA-team partner. Together with Ambush, we have made a joint venture called Lyngby Esport By Ambush. Ambush and our FIFA-team will represent Lyngby BK in all native and international tournaments.


Ambush esports strives to put our mark on the esport and think outside the box. Our current and future partners are companies who want to invest in esports, and who also dare to think out of that same box that the industry has been locked in. It’s the same sponsors, same clothes, same type of logos – we want to do it differently, and we dare to do it.
Do you dare to join us?

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