Filip Pedersen


Filip “zeq” Pedersen

Filip is a 21 years-old CSGO player from Denmark. He currently lives in Odense, where he is studying to become a web developer, and besides his school, he uses his spare time to play for Ambush Esport. As a youngster, zeq spent his time in Sønderborg, which is where he was raised. That’s also where he got introduced to Counter: Strike around the age of 12 years-old, and has since then played the game almost non-stop. He started by playing with his friends, but later figured that he wanted more, and that he really liked the competitive aspect of the game. His first real team was Geekunit, and he has since then played for teams like Tricked.Acd, AGF Esport, Ignite, and is currently representing Ambush. Filip’s alias was an idea from a friend of his. Back in the old Source days, it was cool to have weird letters like a ‘Z’ and ‘Q’, so he came up with zeq and it’s stuck with him ever since.

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Full name: Filip “zeq” Pedersen
Date of birth: 13/05/98
From: Odense, Denmark
Former teams: AGF, Ignite, Tricked Academy
Role: Lurker

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