Berthel Nielsen


Berthel “Typos” Nielsen

Typos is 20-years-old, and he has just finished his education as an IT-Supporter. He’s from a small city called Bullerup, which is just outside of Odense, where he lives with his mom and stepdad. He has been playing CSGO for about 6 years. Before that he played Call of Duty on his Playstation3 but it got stolen, so he decided to buy a computer, and that’s how he started playing CS, with a tiny bit of CSS then CSGO. It’s also from CSS he figured his nickname, back then you could spray paint something you made yourself, but he was too lazy to make his own, so he googled it and found a cool spray where it said Typos, so he decided to just stick with that, else he would’ve been weird. He started going to a lot of small Danish LANs with his friends, where they started to win them and earn a little bit of money here and there, so he then thought to himself, “this is pretty fun” him and hid friends then made a team and then it just evolved from that.

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Full name: Berthel “Typos” Nielsen
Date of birth: 09/09/1999
From: Bullerup, Odense
Role: Anchor, 2nd Entry

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